design and decoration

Clean and Colorful

Prior to my involvement, the client had been guided to use primarily reproduction antiques and many non-personal accents.

We updated the house with a kitchen renovation, neutral backgrounds, new upholstery and colorful accents.

We also started a collection of modern art from one of my favorite galleries;

K E N I S E  B A R N E S  F I N E  A R T –

New Start in an Old Building

This project called for a cool palette and modern, subtle furniture forms & fabrics, as a calm oasis in a revitalized Chelsea building.

More and more clients are looking for a relaxed, casual feeling.

Less fuss…. less maintenance….

Jack and Jill Revision

The vast majority of the time, a designer is working within parameters set by their client and their space.

In this case, we were updating a Jack and Jill bathroom, to make it more appealing and useful for a young family.

The design criteria called for a clean, modern upgrade from the 1930s fixtures & materials and an arrangement which would create a feeling of a larger room without actually losing a closet. The solutions were a use of mixed materials which are contrasting on several levels – dark & light, shiny & matte, large and small scale, man-made and natural. The client’s interest in using barn doors was a vast improvement on the opposing vintage hinged doors, which made the room difficult for even on person to traverse.